A continued look at some of the aspects of restoration we consider important-
And our approach to these.

antique pool table antique pool table
BBC “Regina”
--before and after

antique pool table
A common problem with flair or elephant-leg tables of this era is that the corners of the legs become damaged and eroded. Common solutions are either to round-over by sanding and disguise by staining (which loses the original crisp silhouette of the design) -or-
to rebuild the edge with bondo or shellac stick and faux paint (which leaves a repair that is very vulnerable to re-damage).
Our solution is to rebuild the wood substrate and re-veneer the affected area leaving a near-invisible repair that is as structurally sound as new.

Our guiding principle in solid repair is to replace everything that needs replacing and nothing that doesn’t thereby addressing every structural issue while maintaining originality.

The rail at right is shown with the top veneer removed and repair to the area around the mortise for the pocket iron and along the front edge of the rail-top next to where the cloth will be. New veneer will now
be put over the top of these repairs and new ivory diamonds inlaid into the veneer.
Repair has also been done to the vertical part of the T-rail where pocket leathers will be tacked. All repairs are solid, not filler, especially important in these areas that will be asked to hold tacks.

antique pool table

antique pool table

antique pool table
These are examples of marquetry, (often referred to as “inlay”), done by us in our shop.

The top image shows an inlaid skirt. Tables are often missing some or all of their decorative skirts. These add so much to the total impact and overall shape of the cabinet that it is a shame to
“restore” a table without it’s skirts or with blank versions. We research to find the correct design and make a faithful copy.

The bottom image is a rosewood and mahogany in bird’s-eye maple panel which we made to replace a damaged original.

We go to great trouble and expense to provide each table with its correct nameplate. People forget that there were many makers besides Brunswick, and many with wonderful nameplates.
Here are two examples of originals and our remakes which help preserve the authenticity as well as the charm and uniqueness of the tables they belong on.
antique pool table

antique pool table
We have found that by paying attention to detail and working diligently on each
individual part of the table,
we have been able to produce a finished product which has consistently met and
surpassed our expectations and the
hopes and expectations of our clients.

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